I’m Healed
14 Jun 2014 | Gospel

Brotha George Biography


brothageorge4x6pianoIt was during the 1980’s when gifted Jamaican reggae artist George Wright, now affectionately known as Brotha George, burst onto the scene with the reggae and dancehall hit Secret Admirer. Adorned with Wright’s classic vocals, which evoked memories of many of the great Jamaican rock steady artist of the past, the song soon rocketed to the top of the charts.
Still in his teens, Wright was well on his way to securing a career as a popular reggae icon for years to come, as he toured the world and delighted audiences.  This was a familiar and comfortable place to be for members of the Wright family, for Brotha George’s father had developed an inclination for calypso music and his brother had been a member of the legendary reggae band The Meditations. His future was easily laid out before him, but the Lord had other intentions. In retrospect, the change in his life began conspicuously enough when he felt compelled to retire to bed one early evening at seven p.m. He then spent the entire night dreaming of singing his composition Journey, which then was his latest CD “My Soul is in Your Hand” through VP records. So vivid was this dream that he awoke the next morning with a sore throat, prompting his mother to opine that this was indeed God’s call for him to use his talent and spread the Gospel.
Years later another call from the Lord came through as Wright stood to sing at a friend’s wedding. So impactful was his performance that the pastor presiding over the ceremony beseeched him to perform at church services the following day. Soon, however, the decision to completely dedicate his life and music to spreading the powerful message of God came two weeks later when, while driving, he became the victim of a head-on collision and walked away unscratched.
Today Brotha George continues to spread the word of the Lord through a ministry of exceptional songs and his amazing voice. With songs that speak to the spiritual hunger of his listeners, he is connecting with audience from many differ cultures in the US and abroad. Brotha George still tours locally and internationally.  He also appears on many of the local community events, such as “Fun in the Son”
Brotha George latest CD titled “Unstoppable” produced by Sidney Mills, Lebert Morrison and Brotha George,  shows his continued achievements  in the Gospel Ministry. Along with is many nominations and awards from 2013 and 2017, Brotha George was once again award in 2018 “Song of the Year-Divine Light” from the album Solid Rock at the Love Gospel Awards.  Few of the songs from the most current album ‘Unstoppable’ that continues to have a major impact in his ministry are “Man a Dust”, “Recharge”, “Unstoppable”, “My God is the King” and “God a you Mi Praise”. Included in recent release is the single call ‘Only You Alone’ which was number 1 for three weeks on the Reggae Charts.
Brotha George’s latest album titled “Stoppable” was released in June 9, 2020 and distributed by SPI Music. These songs have taken his work to another level and at all times ministers to your spirit.